Writing an Essay Was Never So Easy: The Key Is Practice

Essays, this one word sent jitters down our spine. Remember the times you spent sleepless nights, practising one after another. A month before the exam, you were browsing through the best books on essays.

We have encountered this form of writing since lower school in various forms.It is an individual’s argument or thought on paper on a variety of subjects. Since childhood, we have mainly written essays in prose format. Poetry format is also prevalent.

Types of Essays

Essays are an expression of thought. Essays are written on a variety of topics. Politics, history, social, economic, educational, scientific, environmental, biographical and so on.


Essay Examples are many

There are various essays written on Social media and its effect on our generation. Through this people are highlighting the adverse effects. However, there are two sides to a coin. People always aimed at hiding negativities in the society. However, with the advent of the internet and social media, things are coming to the fore.

Social media is a boon in disguise. It has the power to bring a wave of change in society. This scares specific categories of people.People, who want to keep the community divided into majority and minority groups, try to highlight the shortcomings of social networks.

Essays on religion

Essays on religion and spirituality are doing the rounds since 9/11 attacks on Twin Towers.  Islam has gaineda negative reputation as a religion, to be avoided.The Islamic culture is looked down upon by western society after the incident. Now, innocent Muslims are even categorised as terrorists.

How to write an essay – For Dummies

There are simple guidelines to master this form of writing.First, think about the topic, outline the ideas that are there in your mind, start with an introduction, then body and finally conclusion.There are various examples of essay on various educational sites.

After writing an essay, always go through it once to check for sentence construction, grammar and spelling mistakes. Hope to have answered quite a few of your essay writing issues.