What Features Make A Good Dependable Dedicated Server?

It is good that you are looking for dedicated servers for your business website. The reason might be that there is an increase in the number of visitors to your business website in Perth. But, before you choose a hosting company to get the dedicated server, you should understand the features that make a good dedicated server:


Features of a good dedicated server hosting:

  • How about the setup? At instances, you might be looking for a dedicated server instantly. Professional hosting companies offer this assurance to their clients. They have servers that are pre-built and are ready for an immediate setup.
  • Quick and robust network: Do not forget to check with the hosting service about the reliability of their servers. Some of them offer full network failover redundancy. When you choose such a hosting company, you are sure to get the benefits thereof.
  • Protection and monitoring: Nowadays, you know the risks faced by upcoming businesses from competitors. There might be competitors, who will be trying to hack your server. So, you should be highly careful about selecting a network the safeguards your business from malicious attacks. It would be wise to choose a service that assures automatic DDoS mitigation. Further, check with the server hosting service as to whether they will give detailed threat audit reports then and there.
  • Round-the-clock support: Not just shared servers, a dedicated server can also face a downtime. When it happens you should have the technical support team from the hosting service to immediately attend. So, check with the hosting service in this respect before you hire them for your dedicated hosting needs.
  • How about the Uptime agreement? Of course, you will come across many hosting companies that assure 99.9% uptime guarantee Service Level Agreement. Only a few of them give 100% uptime guarantee. You can look for such a service.


In addition to these things, also enquire about their remote management plan before you hire a hosting company for Perth Hosting.