Umrah/ Hajj Pilgrimage: All You Need To Know While Planning Your Pilgrimage

If you are planning to go on your Umrah or Hajj pilgrimage this year, here are some facts that you need to be aware of:

  • You need a valid passport to apply either for a Hajj or Umrah Visa
  • Women below 45 years of age must be accompanied by a male member of the family on their pilgrimage
  • Applications for the Umrah Visa is accepted throughout the year but is only valid for 30 days
  • One can apply for a Hajj Visa starting from the fifteenth day of Shawwal till the twenty-fifth day of Dhu’l-Qada following the Hejira calendar.

Approximate Expenses:

You can avail complete Hajj Packages for yourself and your family. These packages cover all concerns from meals to accommodations, and they are tailor-made to suit varying budgets. An approximate Hajj package might begin somewhere around 3800 Euros and can go up to more than 7000 Euros. One should look through the available packages to access the deal that’s worth their money.

The Umrah packages likewise cover all requirements except for flight tickets and they are available throughout the year.

Word of advice: Pilgrims who are planning to opt for such packages should get in touch with a licensed travel agency that can also assist them with the acquisition of the Visa.

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Can I merge my Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages?

Umrat al-tamattu is the Umrah which is performed together with Hajj, whereby the rituals of Umrah are followed first and thereafter the rituals of Hajj. Performing the Umrah during the period specified for Hajj is said to earn one blessings in abundance. However, it is not compulsory to follow the Umrah rituals together with those of Hajj if one decides to go on Umrah during this particular period. One might follow and simple and ‘single’ Umrah as well; neither of the two is prohibited.

Can I Plan my Umrah during Ramadan?

Yes, it is an encouraged gesture to plan one’s Umrah pilgrimage during the Holy month of Ramadan. You can plan the pilgrimage for the entire month or a part of it. Certain pilgrimage planners offer economic Umrah packages for the whole month of Ramadan that one can avail.