The Alexander of the Canadian Bodybuilding Industry

Supplements are so common in now days. People who are suffering from hyperglycemia and PCOS can consider using supplements that are available in the market that actually delivers results.

Now you have to find a store where you can find every health related supplements all at once. One of famous supplement store National Nutrition is serving the people of Canada for more than 29 years.

Now, let’s analyze the product quality this brand provides along with their prices. There was one common thing in every product review from the users. Every user was really satisfied with product quality and at the affordable prices in supplements canada. So we reviewed some of their popular products and this is what we found.

supplements canada

  • Cellucor C4 Ripped:

This product seemed to be the most popular among the consumers who were struggling with their weight loss program. The product contains a good amount of caffeine (22%) which is a must for any weight loss program.

  • PVL Glutamine:

The basic work of a glutamine does is to repair the muscles and enhance growth hormones. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid which is most commonly found in the muscle tissue and plasma.

  • Mutant BCAA:

The work of the BCAA is quite similar to glutamine as they also helps in muscle recovery. The BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids which constitutes 35% of a human’s muscle and is essential for molecular growth and development of the muscle.

To know more about how Lorna Vanderhaege came up with the idea of this product we need to study the extensive research on the key ingredient of Glucosmart that was happening Virginia Medical school.

The price seemed oddly cheap but who can argue with their satisfied bodybuilders and fortunately have a lot of consumers in their arsenal.