The 3 Week Diet- A Dud Or Does It Actually Works?

The 3 week diet program gained lot popularity in a very short time. It was developed back in 2015 by nutritionist and personal trainer Brian Flatt. Among the obese people who are trying to lose weight, the biggest obstacle they face is loss of motivation after a short period of time.

 The edge this program has over others:

The person accumulates some motivation and starts the strict diet program and continues for maybe a week. At the end of the week when there is no visual difference the person starts losing motivation. This is where Flatt was successful; he made a program where results are visible at end of the 3 week diet regime. The person begins to feel difference once he crosses the first phase of the program.

The phases of the program:

Flatt divided his program in four phases. The first phase is the detoxing phase where followers felt maximum weight loss happened. The second phase is the fasting phase which lasted about 24 hours which was actually pretty easy after the difficult first phase. The following phase is the healthy fat gain phase where we increase the healthy fat content in our body. This may sound little contradicting but there is scientific evidence to support this phase. When we increase healthy fat in our body it helps in burning more fat. The final phase is the custom dieting which lasted for almost 12 days and where calorie intake is monitored.

Controversies and Positives:

But there have been few controversies involved with this program. The author recommended Omega 3 supplements and also suggested using nicotine gums and nicotine as it is a natural fat burner. This diet is not for vegan people and in the program we found a perfect balance between exercise and diet.

The 3 week diet review on various websites and independent blogger’s page have rated this program very highly and actually felt this shows some considerable visual difference for the person to draw further motivation in their weight loss journey.

The flooding amount of positive response for the 3 week diet regime can motivate any obese person to start their journey.