Pros and Cons of E-cigarette over Tobacco Counterparts

People who are addictive with tobacco cigarette are often affected with chronic illness. Although they want to quit the habit of smoking, it is not an easy deal for everyone. However after the invention of e-cigaret, it has found to be a safer alternative to the conventional means of smoking. It was well received by the people who wanted to kick off the habit of smoking.

Usage of the electronic cigarettes is on the rise these days. Although the e-cigars are the invention of Chinese, it gained huge popularity among the US and European market very soon. Business magazine survey reveals that it is skyrocketed in the US market.

Ecigaret Land

Advantages of Electronic cigarette over tobacco cigarettes

Some of the critical advantages of e-cigars are

  • There are wide range of e-vaeske for your e-cigarette. So you can get the best steaming experience.
  • E-cigars doesn’t produce smoke although you have the feel and sensation of tobacco smoking. So your clothes will not stink and your breath would not be awful. In addition, since they don’t produce smoke you will not have limitation for places, whereas tobacco smoking is restricted in public places.
  • E-cigarette doesn’t contain any cancer causing agents or carcinogenic chemicals that contribute to cancer and lung diseases. Hence it is a safe alternative to tobacco smoking.

Disadvantages of Using E-cigarette

  • Nicotine contained in e-cigar is a mood altering addicting agent, teens gets into life-time addictions with e-cigars which is really pathetic
  • Although there are minimal health risk involved in e-cigars, however on a long run, there could be potential risks for the Ecigaret Land.

Summing it up

Upon summarizing it is evident that, it has more pros than cons. This is the main reason for their current success in the electronic cigarette market. In addition, you get better taste experience with better e-liquids.