Pokemon Roms Help To Live the Childhood Fantasy Again

If you ever played with Gameboy then your childhood was awesome. Video games give you an ultimate experience of virtual world. Connecting your favorite shows like Pokémon with the game then your experience will hike twice.

But having a Gameboy these days is not only difficult but impossible. So Gameboy Emulator has brought solution where you can play your favorite pokemon games in your PC, Phone or any device. It converts the old version of Nintendo DS into an upgraded version.

pokemon roms

What is ROM?

Downloading the file of ROM allows the access to any device to play through emulator. Many popular games have released in Saga Genesis, gameboy advance etc. Some hackers changed the ROMs of these published game and make them available for any device. ROM for the Pokemon games are designed for specially games like Pokemon GO etc.

How to start the adventure?

It is very easy and simple. Just install an emulator and Rom and run them into device. The nostalgic adventure will begin in no time.

With instructed steps from any social media you can easily download ROMs to start game. And the most exciting news is these games are for free.

What are the Roms for pokemon games?

Pokemon Roms divide the roms into many categories and each of them can be downloaded in upgraded version.

  • Fire red rom
  • Pokémon Black 2
  • Pokemon Emerald rom
  • Pokémon Heart Gold
  • Pokemon Leaf Green
  • Pokemon Platinum rom
  • Pokémon Ruby
  • Pokémon Soul Silver
  • Pokemon Roms

Newly added roms are, Pokémon Diamond Rom and Pokémon Ruby Rom.

What are these games have?

These pokemon roms emulators help to explore the world of pokemon for every generation. Every Roms have different story which will creates excitement for gamer in their pokemon journey. They can catch the pokemons, go for the lifetime Pokémon adventure, battle with others, earns points etc. It is so realistic like Ash’s life. Even Professor Oak can help through the journey.

So let the journey begins with Pokémon Gaming ROM.