Mistakes are the true teachers in a person’s life

A child is pushed in the nursery schools so that the bud can flower easily in the near future. The flowering bud can be nurtured well so that the plant and consequently the tree so grown must be good in nature and expressive in attitude. The main aim of imparting education to a child is to make him a better person than ever by making him understand the mistakes being committed by him in his attitude towards solving things for the better part. The things must be solved with ease and the concepts are learned well. Thus the basic teacher in a person’s life is the mistakes committed by him or her only, whereas the school teachers or the teachers in person are only the navigators who try to make the student understand the real essence of life.


The Redacao ENEM operates on the same principle for making the students understand the mistakes committed by them while preparing for the highest levels of essay writing competitions in Europe. The mistakes can be committed by a person for the human mind is not perfect at all. Therefore, there lies a scope of making them understand their mistakes and hence a change in the attitude is required at the very most. The change in attitude to writing impressive and expressive articles come at the point when repeated mistakes lead to a drop in the confidence levels of the aspirant. Therefore it is advisable for a beginner or a novice to consider availing the services of Redação so that no further depletion of confidence resources could be done. The Redacao Online is a very good portal that ensures only vital concepts are mesmerized by the learner, and the best ones that are irrational and wrong on their part are left for the cause of good.