Leo Premutico – A Winning Advertiser

Everybody learns from experience. And that’s what Leo Premutico and his partner Jan Jacobs decided when they quit their regular jobs at Saatchi and Saatchi to start their own business agency. Now the founder of Johannes Leonardo, he and his partner, revolutionized the theory of marketing. Having alliance with big companies like Google, coca cola and bacadi, his expansion in the industry was good.

Being optimistic about their business deals, he and his partner are sure they will venture and expand globally. Having clients from around the world, they are able to adapt to different cultural markets.

The hand behind South African creativity – Jan Jacobs

Creativity is the reason behind Johannes Leonardo existence. Two creative heads joint hands to start their own entity. Along with his co-founder Leo Premutico, Jan Jacobs started his own business agency in the name of Johannes Leonardo. His creative skill is blended with his South African roots and he learnt to draw by copying drawings comics and television shows. His and his partner’s positive thinking made their agency a globally recognized entity. Jan Jacobs own personality and experience geared up his creative thinking abilities and hence motivated him to start a new business.

Venture into creativity with Johannes Johannesburg

Johannes Leonardo is the result of two creative heads joining hands to form a successful business agent. Its global recognition has given it a chance to exist worldwide from Paris, London to Netherlands. Originating from one country to being bought up in a foreign land, this firm is the result of multicultural environment.

Having worked for top companies like Google and coca cola, this creative enterprise has indeed created a name for itself in the marketing industry. The brains behind this venture Leo Premutico and Jan Jacobs have indeed proved their entrepreunal skills and abilities.