Find Out Best with Recon Engines

Reconditioning of engines is not so famous concept except the auto world. Many people still don’t know that they can get a new car in the less than half price of a brand new car. The concept of Recon engines is unique, it reconditions engine of the vehicle and make it as reliable as the new one.

A Recon engine doesn’t mean that the engine is completely replaced but yes, nothing less than that. Many components are either replaced or worked upon to bring up the newly reconditioned engine (Recon engines).

Recon engines

Following is the detail given on working of the parts of the engines:

  • Every moving part of the vehicle is either repaired or brought up to its original face.
  • What all is required to simply change and repaired – ball bearings, timing gears, pistons, valves and their springs and lifters.
  • Crankshaft’s bearing surface should be machined to bring it back to its original position.
  • Conrods should be tested for any cracks and stretching
  • All gaskets must be replaced for the leak free running of the vehicle
  • New pistols are installed
  • All the bolts, especially head bolts must be replaced and not repaired
  • Water pump is to be replaced
  • As oil pump is hard wearing so it must be replaced
  • Throttle body must be cleaned after every 80,000 miles
  • Only the best rebuilders have the way on perfect seal while re-fitting gaskets otherwise you may have to face minor oil leakage
  • The radiator must be replaced or rebuilt because dodgy radiators may make the fastest way to damage the engine.

Here are some facts and figures about Recon engines which must belong to a reliable brand, big or small but who can take care of your vehicle as you do.