Cloud Server Hosting Service Is Great Alternative to Shared or Dedicated Hosting

Importance of hosting

Server hosting is core aspect of hosting a website on the internet. A website not considered good just by its content but by its loading speed as well. A person searching on different websites is always impatient and if some website fails to open after two-three attempts most visitors leave the website and try for some other. This creates the importance of hosting on a good server. There are three categories of servers but it is up to you to decide which one is appropriate for you. You need to consider several factors, but your budget is not least important.

What is dedicated server service

Hosting on shared server is most affordable but there are cons of using this server in terms of limited number of visitors’ access and lack of security due to sharing. Dedicated servers are most recommended category due to heavy access and security but these are not affordable for everyone. Dedicated server is a type of rented service in the business of web hosting. Because a web host offers internet connection, server, and software to the user. It is a reserved server in a single computer to serve the needs of a network and sometimes printer resources. Sometimes, a computer acts as a server and is used for performance of other functions.

Most recommended server category

Why dedicated server is most recommended? This is expensive but often used by large businesses because their data is very large which can’t be stored in a shared server. Moreover, shared server can’t guarantee data security. Dedicated server is for exclusive user and is thus, more secured. The performance rate of dedicated server is also high compared to shared server.

Alternative to shared or dedicated service

Cloud hosting is the better option for contemporary shared server users because it has features like dedicated server such as reliability, capacity for handling heavy traffic, and better data protection, although most plans are expansive but it can be upgraded for advantages if your budget permits.