Chromosomes – The Carriers of Genetic Information

Have you ever wondered why you look the way you do. It is an undeniable fact that most human resemble their parents or grandparents in their appearance and behavior. Do you know why? It is because of hereditary, the passing of genes from parents to offspring. When the genes are passed through generation, obviously the older generation traits are carried forward to the next generation.

This characteristic was first noticed by biologist Gregor Mendel, who did number of experiments with pea plant. When he started his experiments with two tall pea plants, the new baby plants that came from the reproduction of tall parent plants was eventually tall.  However when he repeated the experiments with different set of plants, there was a combination of tall and short plants. The new plants where the traits were completely inherited was called dominant trait whereas the second set of plants where the traits were masked and covered was referred as recessive trait. The traits are generally codes in DNA, genes and chromosome.


How Chromosome are important to heredity?

The offsprings inherits all the DNA from the parents, your cells cannot work without the DNA codes. These codes are responsible for the color of your eye, hair, skin and at worst cases, the diseases are also get inherited through DNA codes. Chromosomes works with other nuclei acid thus helping in cell division through a process called mitosis, besides helping in building proteins.

Proteins are essential constituent required for the human body for muscles, bones and cartilages. You can generally find the mRNA inside the nucleus. The rRNA is present outside the nucleus, and all these ribosome help in the synthesizing of protein.


Chromosomes are the carriers of genetic information. Therefore the formation of chromosomes are essentially important for heredity.