Certain Measures to Be Considered While Selecting Hardwood Floors

Usually the newer trendier and fascinating Hardwood Flooring Mount Pleasant SC flooring gets suited in any form and type of style concerned. However every product needs to be verified and tested before purchasing it so that it lasts for a longer time.

The durability of the wood

The strength, durability, texture and the color gradient are all characteristic features of the wood from which the end product is made. The kind of wood that is used is of utmost concern. Oak is found to be famous for the products which are used as domestic ones. There are other various kinds and varieties like cherry wood, maple wood, birch wood, hickory wood and walnut wood which cater to the same kind of specifications. There are fascinating woman who prefer the usage of teakwood, Brazilian cherry wood and at times also tiger wood.

Breadth of Kitchen Hardwood Flooring Mount Pleasant SC

Planks of hardwood which are of 3 inches are the perfect suited for the kitchens for the urban class. Once the planks are smaller than 3 inches it gives a more of a contemporary style which does not always serve the basic purposes. To enhance the decoration of your kitchen you can always add on with floors of parquet.

The quality of the texture

Kitchen Flooring Mount Pleasant SC is usually judged by the quality of the texture of the wood it is made up of. The older the wood is the more durable the floor is. Hardwoods which are filled with wormholes and various marks of adze are the ones with the best quality. However with the technological advancement newer woods can be given the texture and look of that of an old one. Techniques of distressing like hand scraping and other such techniques have helped in such an innovation and advancement.