Are electric dog fences safe for dogs?

When buying an invisible fence for dogs, people have lot of doubt like if it is really safe for their pet. Are the rumors about it true? These electric fences have static correction to it and can help you administer your dogs. Don’t worry it won’t do harm to your pets. By proper training they can know when to avoid the boundaries. They are to be trained to react to warning beeps before the shock. This will help control their bad behavior. The static correction felt will help to administer your dog’s behavior. And the shock won’t be much; it is similar to an ear twitch that’s it. While experiencing the static correction the dog’s heart beat goes to 150 bpm which lies in normal range.

On the first day, your dog may feel surprised but when accustomed they will react normal and will stay obedient. It has been found that the wireless pet fence can help in controlling the aggressive behavior of the dogs. Even after exposure to the static correction it has been found that the dos heart rate and plasma cortisol levels remain normal. But it’s very much important that your train your dog properly. You can watch some training video to follow up the right methods or seek some professional help as well. So keep in mind that the dogs are safe as long as the training given is constructive. If you have doubt in your mind about buying electric dog fences for your dog, you can read about it at different forums. They are absolutely safe for your dogs. The shock may feel like tingle to dogs. If they are actually feeling jerking then it means your dog is feeling discomfort. But most of the times, they feel only surprise.