Advantages of Dedicated Server Hosting

Server is an essential element for online performance of a business but hosting a server is a consideration. There are different server types and web hosts to provide this service but the question is of trust and performance. When you are in online business, prototypical element is good server hosting. The term good here doesn’t refers to the repute or price but to the reliability, security and performance. You can get savings on shared hosting but without reliability and security features. However, some good shared services can assure performance to a certain extent.

Advantages of dedicated server

When best server hosting is the choice, then dedicated server should be the priority and there are major benefits of this hosting service.

server hosting

  • First and very important aspect of dedicated server is that you have absolute control over distribution of resources because you’re not sharing it with others. There is no hassle of slowing down of server or bandwidth restriction because of its use by other users. When there is no sharing, the server is obviously more secured.
  • The level of security is on highest level as against virtual private server (VPS) hosting and there is no scope for malicious websites or spammers to occupy space on the server. When you are credit card accepting merchant, being on shared server carries high risks of access by the bad neighborhood which is not a compliant standard for PCI DSS setting.
  • Dedicated IP address is the great benefit of dedicated server hosting that offers exclusiveness and reputation to your business by not sharing IP address with other users which may be a pornographic or blacklisted site.
  • Dedicated server provides scope for expandability from the available unused space when your business grows.
  • Reliability and performance is cumulative effect of all other benefits.


Dedicated server hosting is best ever choice against shared server from many different perspectives that make this service reliable and secured.