A Therapeutic Cream for Psoriasis Developed by Graham Is What You Need


Are you wary of your skin woes? If yes, you are reading the write piece. Looking for a beauty balm, that can get rid of your skin woes is like searching for needle in hay. However, Grahams natural alternatives has made it all the easier for you.

Just browse through and you are sure to come across numerous creams promising relief from problems of psoriasis and such other skin diseases.

Name the cream for psoriasis – They have it in store for you

Grahams Psoriasis cream is themedicine. Being enriched with natures ingredients like Manuka honey, calendula, propolis, salicylic acid and centella asiatica. They claim to soothe, calm and close open pores. And reduce the redness of skin. And the plus is, it is 100percent natural and not tested on animals.

The ingredients of this cream is elixir for the skin. Salicylic acid helps get rid of the dry layer of the skin. And Calendula, a natural plant derivative, is extracted from the plant pot marigold which goes by the scientific name of Calendula Officinalis.  It is soothing on the skin and used a number of natural skin products.

Manuka honey is a natural healer. What more could you want, from your favourite cream. Propolis is made from plant resins by bees. And Centella Asiatica is a plant with rounded leaves, that act as a natural healer and increases blood circulation of the skin.

If this is not enough, the site also has different varieties of shampoo for you.

Shampoos – Made from Natural Honey and Coconut

Grahams natural shampoo is as natural, as it gets. Free from harmful chemicals, it leaves the scalp squeaky clean, without removing the natural oils from the scalp. It is made from a combination of Manuka honey, jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, olive leaf extract, wheatgerm oil and the likes.

Likewise, the site also caters to products like organic lip balm, in flavours of vanilla and raspberry, for super soft moisturised lips. Just kiss and tell!