Leo Premutico – A Winning Advertiser

Everybody learns from experience. And that’s what Leo Premutico and his partner Jan Jacobs decided when they quit their regular jobs at Saatchi and Saatchi to start their own business agency. Now the founder of Johannes Leonardo, he and his partner, revolutionized the theory of marketing. Having alliance with big companies like Google, coca cola and bacadi, his expansion in the industry was good.

Being optimistic about their business deals, he and his partner are sure they will venture and expand globally. Having clients from around the world, they are able to adapt to different cultural markets.

The hand behind South African creativity – Jan Jacobs

Creativity is the reason behind Johannes Leonardo existence. Two creative heads joint hands to start their own entity. Along with his co-founder Leo Premutico, Jan Jacobs started his own business agency in the name of Johannes Leonardo. His creative skill is blended with his South African roots and he learnt to draw by copying drawings comics and television shows. His and his partner’s positive thinking made their agency a globally recognized entity. Jan Jacobs own personality and experience geared up his creative thinking abilities and hence motivated him to start a new business.

Venture into creativity with Johannes Johannesburg

Johannes Leonardo is the result of two creative heads joining hands to form a successful business agent. Its global recognition has given it a chance to exist worldwide from Paris, London to Netherlands. Originating from one country to being bought up in a foreign land, this firm is the result of multicultural environment.

Having worked for top companies like Google and coca cola, this creative enterprise has indeed created a name for itself in the marketing industry. The brains behind this venture Leo Premutico and Jan Jacobs have indeed proved their entrepreunal skills and abilities.

3 Places where Cloud Services must be implemented

As we all know, Cloud Services is trending everywhere and people love to save data using the server hosting methods because of the kind of space and the security it offers. There could be a lot of confidential information that you may want to protect, in such cases it is recommended to use the cloud services from Melbourne hosting.

Mentioned below are the three places where cloud services must be implemented.

  • Schools

The student information at schools and colleges may be huge and storing them on a local computer may be dangerous because if a hard drive or the motherboard on the system gets crashed and if there is no back-up then, all the important information would be gone at once. Hence, cloud hosting services has to be chosen in order to protect the data.

  • Hospitals

A lot of people walk into hospitals and the patient information has to be kept completely confidential always. When it is stored on the local computer access to this information can become easy to others as well. In order to protect your data safely from being tampered, you can always choose to save it using the Cloud services.

  • Police force

There could huge files of data information about a particular criminal and you may want to share it with the other police officers who are based out of different locations. This may become impossible if the files are stored on a local machine. But, when you save it on the cloud; you would be able to grant access to all the users whom you want to.

These are just a few examples of the places where Cloud Services can be utilized effectively. Apart from these, cloud services can be used even by individuals as well.


Tips and tricks for using the skin treatment products

The eczema creams usually vary according to the mix of the ingredients which decides the strength of the cream and its action towards a particular symptom. The strengths vary from mild to strong as per the prescription of the treatment. The strength of the cream to be applied is prescribed as per the severity of the symptom that occurs on the skin.

Dry skin can lead to psoriasis thus it is important to keep the skin moisturized. Cream for psoriasis like Vaseline, Eucerin cream, Cetaphil cream is some of the moisturizers that have shown good results in the past. Lightweight moisturizers are not much use to treat scales in the skin thus they should better be avoided. In case of extreme cases of psoriasis, one has to consume oral medicines as well.

A person who is about to moisturize his or her face and wants to seal in maximum moisturizer must initially wash the face with slightly warm water. It is important to use lukewarm water as hot water can lead to more dryness. The face is then dried and the rosacea cream is applied as prescribed by dermatologist followed by a moisturizer.

It is important to maintain the pH value of the hair which is normally 5. This keeps the hair shiny as the outer cuticle of the hair remains closed. The natural shampoo which has a pH of 5 to 5.5 is best for maintaining this level. The hair gets balanced when these types of natural shampoos are used.

Petrochemicals are important ingredients which are present in traditional cosmetics especially lip balms. They also have added color and ingredients for adding fragrance which is all synthetic in nature. However, on the contrary, the organic lip balms are strictly made of natural color and ingredients some of them are cocoa butter, beeswax, Vitamin E and also vitamin C.

Pokemon Roms Help To Live the Childhood Fantasy Again

If you ever played with Gameboy then your childhood was awesome. Video games give you an ultimate experience of virtual world. Connecting your favorite shows like Pokémon with the game then your experience will hike twice.

But having a Gameboy these days is not only difficult but impossible. So Gameboy Emulator has brought solution where you can play your favorite pokemon games in your PC, Phone or any device. It converts the old version of Nintendo DS into an upgraded version.

pokemon roms

What is ROM?

Downloading the file of ROM allows the access to any device to play through emulator. Many popular games have released in Saga Genesis, gameboy advance etc. Some hackers changed the ROMs of these published game and make them available for any device. ROM for the Pokemon games are designed for specially games like Pokemon GO etc.

How to start the adventure?

It is very easy and simple. Just install an emulator and Rom and run them into device. The nostalgic adventure will begin in no time.

With instructed steps from any social media you can easily download ROMs to start game. And the most exciting news is these games are for free.

What are the Roms for pokemon games?

Pokemon Roms divide the roms into many categories and each of them can be downloaded in upgraded version.

  • Fire red rom
  • Pokémon Black 2
  • Pokemon Emerald rom
  • Pokémon Heart Gold
  • Pokemon Leaf Green
  • Pokemon Platinum rom
  • Pokémon Ruby
  • Pokémon Soul Silver
  • Pokemon Roms

Newly added roms are, Pokémon Diamond Rom and Pokémon Ruby Rom.

What are these games have?

These pokemon roms emulators help to explore the world of pokemon for every generation. Every Roms have different story which will creates excitement for gamer in their pokemon journey. They can catch the pokemons, go for the lifetime Pokémon adventure, battle with others, earns points etc. It is so realistic like Ash’s life. Even Professor Oak can help through the journey.

So let the journey begins with Pokémon Gaming ROM.

Boxing: The Affordable Therapy You Have Been Waiting For!

Everybody has stress and anxiety in their lives, and it’s delightful to take it out in a healthy way. Sometimes, things get so aggravating that all you wish for is a punching bag to let loose on it. There are boxing clubs all over to give you beginner’s classes, and train you to step by step. Nowadays, you just have to join a fitness center like hurricane boxing Charleston SC or 9round, Charleston, and others.

Ditch the distractions- just focus

Due to the super intense nature of the exercise, it’s essential to learn it from the experts such that you don’t injure yourself while boxing. I must say it’s a killer workout. Obviously, it does give you immense cardio-training but muscle soreness being its side effect!

Free beginner’s class at the title boxing club Charleston SC

It is vital to join a boxing club to learn the right way of boxing. There are ample choices and many of them provide a free beginner’s class for the first day. It’s a one-day trial offer where you can just spend an entire day and decide which fitness center you want to join. Fitness centers like title boxing club, Charleston, Iron Bridge Crossfit gym, and others offer a free first class.

It’s very similar to choreography

All the moves are planned and there’s a perfect way of doing it. The coach calls out numerically as to which move to make just like dance. The posture during punching is very crucial and the footwork equally significant.

Box and invigorate your self-esteem

It’s time to put on those boxing gloves and let the fury out on that punching bag. I assure you that eternal feeling of empowerment is priceless. It will not only boost your confidence but also will provide you with that little badass feeling. So, what are you waiting for? Walk into your nearest health center like Park circle athletic club, gold’s boxing gym Charleston SC, etc. and happy punching!


Food to eat for healthier teeth and gums

No one would ever disagree if we told them that Gums are the super-hero of our mouth. In order to have your teeth secured and safe it is important to have healthy gums. Hence, it is a mandatory thing to keep your teeth healthy by brushing them everyday twice without fail and also cleaning your tongue as that can cause mouth odor and has to be treated by dentists from MGA Dental.

Mentioned below are some of the foods that have to be eaten in order to maintain stronger and healthier gums say dentists from MGA Dental after hours dentist Gold Coast.

  • Leafy Vegetables

Spinach and kale are the two leafy vegetables that should be eaten regularly to have stronger bones and gums because these vegetables are the source of minerals and vitamins that are required to keep your teeth healthy and strong. The Vitamin C would increase the red blood cell count and since they are fibrous in nature they would help in the clearance of all the food particles.

MGA Dental after hours dentist Gold Coast

  • Green Tea

Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants and there are a lot of proven researches which has revealed that Green Tea can be one of the best drinks to improve your overall health of the mouth and especially gums and teeth.

  • Carrots

Carrots are filled with Vitamin A and also they are crunchier when you eat. The crunchier food items would always bring out the stuck food particles from the crevices and they would also help you to naturally clear the tartar and plaque.

  • Curd and cheese

Filled with calcium these products would help in enriching the bone strength and also strengthens the teeth. Not only for your teeth but they are also good for your gums and it is advised to meet the dentists from https://www.mgadental.com.au/ in case of dental issues.

The Alexander of the Canadian Bodybuilding Industry

Supplements are so common in now days. People who are suffering from hyperglycemia and PCOS can consider using supplements that are available in the market that actually delivers results.

Now you have to find a store where you can find every health related supplements all at once. One of famous supplement store National Nutrition is serving the people of Canada for more than 29 years.

Now, let’s analyze the product quality this brand provides along with their prices. There was one common thing in every product review from the users. Every user was really satisfied with product quality and at the affordable prices in supplements canada. So we reviewed some of their popular products and this is what we found.

supplements canada

  • Cellucor C4 Ripped:

This product seemed to be the most popular among the consumers who were struggling with their weight loss program. The product contains a good amount of caffeine (22%) which is a must for any weight loss program.

  • PVL Glutamine:

The basic work of a glutamine does is to repair the muscles and enhance growth hormones. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid which is most commonly found in the muscle tissue and plasma.

  • Mutant BCAA:

The work of the BCAA is quite similar to glutamine as they also helps in muscle recovery. The BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids which constitutes 35% of a human’s muscle and is essential for molecular growth and development of the muscle.

To know more about how Lorna Vanderhaege came up with the idea of this product we need to study the extensive research on the key ingredient of Glucosmart that was happening Virginia Medical school.

The price seemed oddly cheap but who can argue with their satisfied bodybuilders and fortunately have a lot of consumers in their arsenal.

4 ways to lose weight without any dieting

Isn’t it surprising to know that you can lose weight without dieting? This can be one of the miracles for people who are planning to lose weight but cannot diet. Mentioned below are some of the tips from https://www.ecellulitis.com/ to lose weight without any sort of strict diet. Come on! Let us quickly go ahead and check them.

  • Chew slowly

When you start eating your food in a rush you would end up eating a lot of them says experts from many research centers. But when you start chewing your food slowly the quantity of the intake of food would be reduced drastically and you would automatically start to feel full quickly. Hence, this can be one of the ways to reduce weight without dieting. You can see healthy living tips at ecellulitis.com to know more about it.


  • Drink water before eating

Before you start eating, you need to drink atleast 2 glasses of water and this can actually reduce the intake of food because your stomach would already be full. This can be one of the ways to reduce weight without diet and the process can be understood by reading the healthy living tips at ecellulitis.com

  • Brush your teeth before your meals

When you brush your teeth before every meal you would actually be killing the taste buds present in the mouth and this would actually make you eat lesser than the normal. Hence, this can be one of the ways to reduce weight without actually dieting but consuming less food.

  • Sleep more

When you sleep more, you would not need food and this also relaxes your body completely. When you are actually not eating but sleeping, there would be no intake of the food and this again would lead to weight loss quickly.

4 Crucial Tips to Lose Weight

Weight loss is an issue among many people around the world. The extra weight does create a problem in their life and disrupts the healthy way of living. Each day the newspapers or media come up with a new diet. People may try it for a short amount of time but often they lose the motivation after a week or so. The main reasons for this are the lack of a solid base in those diets. They may work quickly but people also gain back the weight drastically. So, it is important to have a sustainable diet that will work in the long run and wouldn’t harm your body. You may check out websites like https://emagrecendo.info which elucidates on it more.


Easy Tips to Lose Weight:

  • Increase the water intake of your body. You need to drink at least 4-5 litres of water on a daily basis.
  • Increase the intake of complex carbohydrates in your body. This comes from fibre rich vegetables and grain like brown rice and oats.
  • Decrease the intake of too many calories. Find out your calories requirement and create a deficit to lose weight.
  • Exercise is a must for every day. Even a daily regime of brisk walking is important. Try to exercise at least 5 times a week.

What if the tips do not work?  

With determination, we are sure that the diets will work for you. You may also take the help, of course, such as emagre cendo to make them faster and more effective. But the main process will depend on you and your willpower. Weight loss isn’t quite hard when you form a regime out of it. In a few days, you will be able to notice changes in your body and you will be delighted to see the new you.

Questions That You Need To Ask Before Hiring an In-Home Trainer

For people who do not like to go to the gym, hiring an in-home or personal trainer is the ultimate solution for them. By hiring a personal trainer, you no longer have to take the pain of going to the gym in order to keep yourself fit. However, there are things that you need to consider before you hire a personal trainer for yourself. If you wish to hire a personal trainer for yourself then, you can contact Your House Fitness. Their house of professionals will be more than happy to help you in keeping your fir. To know more about them you can log into their site: https://www.yourhousefitness.com.

What Are The Things That You Need To Ask?

Before you hire a personal trainer, you need to ask the following questions to them:

  1. What are your certifications?

This is the first question you need to ask your trainer in order to know what he specializes in.

  1. What kind of results to expect?

Different people have different weight losing requirements and therefore, it is important that you clear it out with your trainer in the very beginning itself.

  1. Do you incorporate meal and nutrition planning too?

No matter how hard you work, you won’t be able to achieve any result unless you take the proper nutrition and therefore, this is a must question to ask.

  1. How fast can I achieve the results?

This differs from person to person depending on their weight and other important factors. By asking this question you can at least get an idea that how fast you can lose weight provided that you are following everything properly.

So these are the things that you need to ask when you hire a personal trainer for yourself.

3 Tips to maintain electronic cigarettes

Did you get an expensive e-cig to your home and would like to assure high performance of it every time you vape using it? Then, you need to take right measures to keep up the performance of Ecigaret Land. This will improve the longevity of this smoking accessory. Undeniably, the e-cigs that are poorly maintained would result in decline of performance, malfunctioning of various components equipped in the e-cig, burn out and cracks. After every use, you need to keep in the box provided by the e-cig producer. When you maintain the E-cigaret with care, you can improve its life and save your investment.

Ecigaret Land

Below are a few tips one can adopt to increase the life of e-cig and let smokers have same kind of vaping experience as smoking with traditional cigarette

Clean the e-cig after using it: Once you vape with this accessory, you would need to dismantle the e-cig and clean each and every component and then assemble to keep it away from dust and grime. You also need to use a damp cloth to clean every component once in a week. It is not recommended to soak this device in water, since it results in electrocution while using it and there are high chances of the device getting ruined. When you could not enjoy the vaping experience as before, the key reason would be due to clogging. You need to remove every component including Roskilde e-juice, clean and assemble to make it function normally.

Charge the e-cig battery time to time: Before using the e-cig, you first need to remove the battery and charge it fully. If you charge is completely, you can enjoy multiple vapes throughout the day without charging it again.

Replace the damaged parts: Rather than buying a new device, you would need to replace the damaged parts with new ones. When you notice any malfunctioning of components, replace them with new one and enhance their performance.

Best Guide to Find a Perfect Architect for your Home

Designing something is crucial since it is a composition of different components which if not set properly might not have a correct result. Architecture is based on how perfect the complete structure or the design is and thus one needs to carefully choose the architect for their house. You can search by architecture company Charleston SC to find the perfect one for your home i.e. with your location. In this article we will describe the different points you must check while finding the architect got your home:

  • Research: You have to perform an intensive research on the architect or agency you are thinking about hiring. You have to check everything that they offer in order to compare it to the other companies. Now, while you are researching you need to check the past work that they have done and you check that on the architect residential portal as well.


  • Your Requirements: You have to ensure that whether the company you want to hire offers the same services that you wish to get done. You have to confirm that they will do the tasks as you would want them to since it is your house. And lastly, you have to check whether can fulfil all your requirements under the deadline.


  • Budget: While you can search for architects Charleston sc or with your location you will find an innumerable number of architects but then you need to search for the one that fits in your budget. You have to check the prices for all the services they provide and then hire them otherwise you might face issues later.

Apart from this, you might even fix a meeting with them to have a better idea and clear out any queries you have. You should always discuss your ideas with them before fixing anything otherwise you might not be clear to them!

Effective Ways to Improve Creative Services – Inspired By Johannes Leonardo

Johannes Leonardo is famous for his work in the creative sectors of marketing. He has been featured in various marketing and economic magazines and forums as an inspiration. There are so many amateur students who are venturing into the world of marketing.

For such young minds, it is important to step beyond textual concepts and learn from real-life experiences of successful personalities. Creating a dynamic environment where thoughts freely flow is important to men like Johannes.

What should creative services entail?

Featured as one of the top minds, Johannes Leonardo with regard to creativity and its elements has an interesting perspective. The magic of creating a suitable environment of thinking, idea making and brainstorming is more important than the idea itself.

New ideas come frequently to people but its proper execution requires a solid team of professional, experienced, flexible and adaptive individuals. This team needs a prominent leadership to channelize efforts.

Successful companies are those which treat every brief as an opportunity to prove their talent. Those organizations which settle or just recycle old ideas quickly lose out business. It is men like Leonardo that despite changing economic climates managed to not just retain but further build client.

Ideal Management Team

It is stressed by experts like Johannes Leonardo that any company is successful only along if with creative professionals, the management also works tirelessly. An ideal management team manages to create tension. This tension is not of a negative type but one where heritage of clients are maintained adding to the mix new refined ideas.

The authenticity of the client’s company has to be maintained at all costs. Adopting new ideas and allowing bold concepts to be put into place by creative heads needs to be ensured. Management must have eyes in every corner to make sure implementation of ideas is smooth.

How Should Make A Poster Design for Your Business?

Posters or fliers are fun and they are also a great way to promote your business. These are used to present important messages and also need to be appealing to the eye so that prospective customers see it.

To begin with your ポスター デザイン, start with a common canvas. You need to decide on the size of your poster and also if you would want to hang it vertically or horizontally. You need to be really creative with your poster design to get more people to see your poster.

ポスター デザイン

You need to focus on the チラシ デザイン and what information you want to give

Make sure that the information that you wish to give through your poster is very clear. It should not be very detailed but concise and at the same time you want to fit in what you want to communicate.

You do not want your poster to be overloaded with information because that is surely going to get people off. People think that including promotions, the event date, the price of the ticket, the parking will attract customers. They think that the more information they put they are to get more customers. Unfortunately that is far from the truth. If you have lots of information on your poster then this will only get your target audience confused.

Have a great idea

You need to be clear of two things when making a poster. It should have a great idea and also great aesthetic. You need to first start with making your own sketch and then go ahead and do the illustration. What idea you have should lead to how you want the poster to look visually. In any case it should not be the other way round.

Benefits one can reap by taking car insurance

Have you made a huge investment on a plush car in the recent times? Then, you need to immediately buy car insurance from carinsurancenow.co.za that best suits your car needs. There are different types of car insurances available in the market. You need to buy cheap car insurance in the market after comparing two to three insurances and after reading terms and conditions of all insurances thoroughly. This will keep your car secured. Be it your car has scratches or damaged in a car accident, you would get all the expenses you have spent in repairing the car by having this insurance. With the increase in sales of cars, the number of accidents is also on the rise. It is impossible for people to spend a huge amount on medical expenses and repairs. When a car owner has car insurance, he/she can protect their investment from accidental losses.

Car Insurance Now

Few of the benefits one can reap by taking car insurance now include

Mandatory: It has become mandatory for car owners to get their vehicles insured. The cars without insurance need to pay penalty to the government of the respective country when caught and sometimes it also leads to cancellation of driving license.

Cover damages: Accidents cause damage to your and the other party property. When you have the best insurance, you can stay with peace of mind, as the insurance company will pay all the expenses without you burning holes to your pocket. When you are taking the car insurance, you need to check the damage that is covered under the policy.

Replace stolen cars: If the car is stolen, then the insurance company will pay you the compensation with which you can buy a new car. As per the policy, the insurer will pay certain amount of money in case of theft to the insured car owner.